Engagement Rings

Choosing engagement rings can be a stressful experience.  There are numerous designs to choose from as well as numerous ways to cut and set a diamond in a ring.  Thus, any man looking for the right ring is bound to be confused and overwhelmed.  Here is a list of things that any man looking for an engagement ring or wedding rings should keep in mind that will make the process much simpler and stress-free.

  1. Ensure that the diamond is authentic and meets your loved one’s approval.  If you are intending to surprise your loved one with an engagement, you can find out what diamond color she likes as well as the shape from a friend or family member.  However, many women will volunteer this information.  Once you have an idea of what she likes, you can look for the ring diamond.  It should have some kind of certification that proves that it is not a fake diamond such as CZ, Moissanite or even glass.
  2. Not every certification is equal.  If you are the sort who wants ensure authenticity, it is important to keep in mind that there are several different certification agencies in the world.  The most widely-recommended is the Gemological Institute of America, although the HRT based in Antwerp and the AGS in the US are also reputable wit h the HRT being the European equivalent of the GIA.
  3. Not every setting will work well with every diamond.  There are several different ways to set a diamond including prong, tension, pave and three-stone settings.  In addition, the setting is meant to show off the gemstone of gemstones of your choice in the best manner possible.  Settings also have different levels of protection that they provide the diamond so it is important to pick a setting that has the best combination of both.
  4. Pick a setting made of a strong metal.  Although there are numerous precious metals, some are stronger than others.  Platinum is one of the strongest metals, although it tends to be more expensive than other metals
  5. Insure and appraise the ring and stone.  This will ensure that you do not suffer a massive financial loss if something should happen to the ring.  In addition, if you should decide to sell the ring in order to upgrade to a nicer ring, you have a better idea as to the actual value of your ring or rings.
  6. Once you have found a ring, whether you’ve designed it yourself or found a preset engagement ring, it is important to verify the jeweler is reputable.  A quick inquiry to the Better Business Bureau or any other local customer service oversight office should verify authenticity for you.

These days, engagement rings come in an incredible array of styles and designs, from more traditional ring designs such as the channel set diamond ring, to modern designs including, for instance, a ballerina set diamond and gemstone engagement ring. Subsequently, buying an engagement ring in today’s overflowing diamond jewelry market can get to be a little daunting. Here are a few tips on how to buy engagement rings online in a few quick, easy steps:

  • An informed customer is a customer who makes sound, educated decision s when shopping for engagement rings online. As such, it is recommended to find out as much as you can on all engagement ring related topics including a diamond’s 4 C’s, or its cut, color, carat and cut grades, as well as learn all that you can about the various precious metals used in engagement rings, engagement ring designs and styles, and the list goes on and on. You can find out about engagement rings and all that goes with them by browsing online for sites that specialize in diamonds and diamond jewelry. You will find that there is a wealth of information available online on engagement rings and on shopping online for engagement rings.
  • Before you begin your shopping, decide on a budget. A pre-set budget will help ensure that you do not overspend when shopping online for your very own engagement ring. Also, a set budget will limit your options in terms of the size, quality and amount of diamonds and/or other precious gemstones incorporated into your ring design, as well as the quality of the precious metals used in your ring and how complex the ring’s design will be.

After you’ve set your budget, it is time to start shopping around for your perfect engagement ring. I recommend looking at online jewelry stores’ and retailers’ reviews and customer testimonials before choosing a specific store. Try and find a reputable online jewelry store, as reputable stores and vendors are far less likely to try and scam you by selling subpar products. You can find jewelry store reviews at an abundance of online store and product review sites. Moreover, you can check the reputation of a certain online store by contacting your local business bureau.

After you’ve made your selection, and before you make your purchase, check the online jewelry store’s refund and money back guarantee policies. If, for any reason, you decide that you are dissatisfied with the engagement ring that you have purchased online, you will need to ensure that you can return the ring and get a refund on your money, or at least that you’ll be able to exchange the ring for a different one.

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